Volume 5, Issue 4, July 2020, Page: 59-63
The Flow Field Analysis and Structure Optimization of Large Diameter Butterfly Valve
Wang Yuhao, Aerospace Science and Technology Microsystem Technology Co., Ltd, Nanjing, China
He Qingzhong, College of Mechanical Engineering, Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, Zigong, China
Received: Aug. 24, 2020;       Accepted: Sep. 11, 2020;       Published: Sep. 21, 2020
DOI: 10.11648/j.ajmie.20200504.12      View  226      Downloads  82
The large diameter butterfly valve used in Qinghai Naqu hydropower station was subjected to strong vibration when the opening was small. In view of the phenomenon of strong vibration and damage of the valve, the fluid theory analysis is carried out and the appropriate mathematical model of fluid analysis is selected. This paper established the flow model of butterfly valve for different opening degrees with the 2D drawings and simulated the flow field by using CFX software. Through numerical simulation, the flow field characteristics of the valve under different opening degrees are obtained, and it is found that the valve failure is caused by vortex street effect. The results of numerical analysis show that the vortex are the most strong in the range of 5% to 30% and The vortex street phenomenon is the strongest at 5% opening. When the opening is greater than 30%, the vortex street effect decreases gradually. Meanwhile, the reason of vortex street effect is that the structure of butterfly plate is complex, and an improved structure was given and the results of numerical analysis show that the vortex effect decreased significantly for the new one. This new structure can effectively prevent the vortex resonance and give an example for the new design of a large butterfly valve.
Butterfly Valve, CFX Software, Vortex Resonance, Structure Optimization
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Wang Yuhao, He Qingzhong, The Flow Field Analysis and Structure Optimization of Large Diameter Butterfly Valve, American Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Vol. 5, No. 4, 2020, pp. 59-63. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmie.20200504.12
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